Philip Wittamore


I'm a retired IT generalist, and a woodworking and Linux enthusiast.

I have dual French and British nationality, and I live in France.


My first computer was a Sinclair ZX81, although I did use a Burroughs TC1500 back in 1974. In the 80's I wrote a morse code decoder in Locomotive basic on an Amstrad CPC464 for my home made short wave radio and read clear text messages from the French navy in Toulon, also building invoicing spreadsheets in Multiplan on an IBM PC. In the 90's I discovered Linux, made an internal network at work using French Minitels and some home made electronics, replaced Netware with Mars-nwe, a netware clone for Linux with dual boot Windows 3.1/Linux clients, and wrote a luxury product label printing application in Applixware 4.1. I wrote my first web site in 1994, and in 1999 I became a combined sys admin and support tech for the French wing of an American software company, and two years later was bombarded with sales. In the naughties I opened a computer repair shop, wrote a license management application, a CRM web app, and a few other things. Since then I've written many web sites and web applications.


You can see my woodworking attempts posted here: l'Air du Bois


I have no idea... if you do contact @obelix on Telegram.