New table saw - getting there

I don't have much space, so the table is 120x60cm, and will have folding extensions.

The top has 18mm baltic birch base with 6.5mm finish. This gives me a 80mm cutting depth when vertical. The big difference with Mathias's version  is that the saw chassis goes through the top, allowing a deeper cut. The table is well supported so I don't have flex problems by doing this.

So far no need for shims...

New table saw - depth adjustment

The saw has a depth and tilt chassis with big knobs to fix the position. I ran out of baltic birch so glued 2 pieces of 9mm normal plywood to make the slider.

Making a new table saw with a Makita 5903R

Inspired by Matthias Wandel's experiment, I'm having a second try at making a table saw. Instead of just screwing the saw underneath a table, this time it has a supporting chassis. The  idea is to make position adjustment easier and more precise, but at the same time keeping it simple without fancy lift mechanisms.