New Television


My old 43" Panasonic bought in 2007 for 2500 was a bit tired, or was it me tired of it?

Whatever the reason, I decided to change it. After visiting the local shops and getting asked questions like "what is a bluetooth remote?" by salespeople, I ended up buying online.

If people turn to buying online, traditional shops are largely to blame in my humbler opinion.

The TCL 43C641 arrived, the first thing I noticed was it's weight, so much lighter than the old Panasonic. I bought a separate central column stand as I don't like the diddly feet that require a support larger than the television to not fall off.

Setup was a breeze, although android TV boxes go out of their way to stop you from running apps upon launch. For example my provider is Free, and so I use the OQEE app instead of the Free TV box, but impossible to have it automatically run when the telly starts.

The strangest thing is the definition. We were so used to the Panasonic, the higher definition somehow makes films or series look as if they were shot by an amateur. I guess it's habit.

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