1vyrain - unlock your Thinkpad T430

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The Thinkpad 430 comes with an older wifi card that doesn't support 802.11ac. My machine also didn't come with a Bluetooth card.

In order to fit a replacement card such as the AC 7260, the BIOS must be altered as by default Lenovo only allows you to install hardware they have whitelisted, and as the T430 dates a bit this list is defunct.

Thankfully, 1vyrain has created a BIOS that adds an advanced tab in th BIOS and wipes the whitelist, and allows you to install alternative hardware and deactivate Intel ME among other things.

I followed the following steps:


For this you'll need to be in Windows 64 bit

First downgrade the BIOS to one that is hackable, for the T430 this is version 2.64

You can either download and install the BIOS from the Official Lenovo page

or use 1vprep:

Click "code" > Download ZIP. Unzip the package and click "downgrade.bat"

The system will reboot and install the BIOS


Boot into the BIOS and make sure Secure boot is disabled, and startup set to Both, UEFI first.

Boot back into Windows

Download the 1vyrain.iso from

Currently available from

Burn the iso to a USB drive using Rufus (select DD mode)

Reboot from the USB drive and follow the instructions. The computer will go into sleep mode, just hit the power button to get back into 1vyrain

Note: I had to remove the SATA drive where windows was installed to be able to select the USB drive to boot from.

The computer will reboot, it might recycle a few times. It might also display a CRC error, you can ignore this and reboot.

Boot into the BIOS again, you should now see a new tab "Advanced". In this tab you can disable Intel ME.

You are all set!

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