Death of the web


I'm wondering where we are going with all this.

Searching today's web I feel like I'm scrabbling around in a trash can for a half eaten sandwich.

Content is there somewhere, but you have to swallow the glitz, blitz, frills, lies, and adverts before you find it.

With the advent of AI written content it can only get much worse, after all, who owns these AI's ? Who's world view will they push?

In a few years time web browsers will be based on the same web engine, asking if you need some help with that infection you mentioned to your doctor, chiding you for not checking the local election results, and sugggesting a diet change because of the contents of your last supermarket bill.

Seems like the only way out will require a rupture.

Perhaps take a step back and use older text based browsers with just a smattering of images.

Local BBS's maybe, or Gopher/Gemini servers on everyone's laptop with a decentralized search system.

It's inevitable there will be a backlash, the form it will take should be interesting.


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