Debian 12 or Arch


I installed Debian 12 on my T430, as that's what I use on my vps servers, but after using Arch Linux on my X220 I'm a bit dubious.

For example, Firefox. The stable release of Debian has a much older version, if you want to use the latest version you either have to get the unstable packages via the pin system or use a snap package.

Using pin with an unstable package messes up your installation because afterwards I needed to install curl, and guess what, it has to be unstable too otherwise you can't install it because of modified dependancies.

For Neomutt, a 2023 version isn't even in unstable, so the only solution is to download a ton of development dependancies and compile it myself. Been there done that but it leads me to doubt the system. Maybe there will be tears down the road with some other unforseen problem.

Conclusion, Debian is the best for servers, but maybe less so for my Laptop.

Back to Arch then.

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