password-store to bitwarden


I've been using Pass (password-store) for a couple of years now, and it works really well on the command line and with command line apps. Browser extensions exist that while not earth shattering, do work. Setting up a remote git repository and sharing the repository on another computer is relatively easy, and overall it appeals to my ideal of no-nonsense software.

Problems arise however when you want to share your password store on Android. Getting the android app to work with the same repository is a few steps away from planetary orbit insertion calculations.

After fiddling with it for a few hours, I threw in the towel. I must be too dumb. The most recent user written howto I found dated from 2018, for an older version. I get the impression that nobody really uses it. With probable reason.

So with a sigh in my heart I've opted to move to Bitwarden for now.

Bitwarden is free for personal use, but also has some extras with $10 and $40 year plans.

Bitwarden's browser extensions are great, Android support is great, and there's a command line app. You can even set up your own Bitwarden repository.

Bitwarden doesn't have LastPass's data breach history, and it appears to cater to people like me who just want the job done without a ton of commercialisation effects.


There are a couple of ways to migrate from Pass to Bitwarden, but I found that Pass can pile up a lot of obsolete and irregular data, so I've installed the Bitwarden and Pass Browser extensions side by side, so I can build the Bitwarden vault as I go along. Pass remains a far better solution for command line applications though. Seems like nobody can get it right.


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