Thinkpad T430 CPU Upgrade


I've updated the CPU of my Thinkpad T430

The laptop came with a dual core i5 , but as it is a highly upgradable machine, I've added a quad core i7–3632QM

I also changed the cooler to increase the amount of copper acting as the heatsink.

The benchmark shows a nice improvement and everything feels snappier. Probably unnecessary for basic use, but I plan to do some DVD transcoding, so in all a good move. See: The Definitive T430 Modding Guide


The standard 65 watt charger that comes with the T430 no longer charges while the laptop is running as the new CPU sucks more juice that the charger can handle, so I've bought a 90 watt charger. The battery itself runs for about a bit less than before due to the same cause. It's looking good !

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