A Minimalist blog


I've used several blog engines, CMS, and rolled my own solutions, but at the end of the day, just writing simple html is easier than using a blog engine. A blog engine or CMS that might no longer exist or be obsolete in a couple of years, that makes you rely on other software, and for which you usually have to hack the html and css to get what you want anyway.

After playing with 8 bit computers, my IT career debuted writing invoicing applications using Multiplan on MS-DOS, so plain text has a nostalgic pull for me. Searching for a solution, I looked at Gopher and Gemini, but they both require specific browsers, html bridges or plugins to be viewed.

Rather than share to a few initiates, why not simply limit the edition of a blog to simple html? The onus should be on the editor to write a universally readable blog, not on the reader to have the right browser.

Just because you can do a load of stupid stuff with a web site doesn't mean you actually have to do it.

So here's a blog that just uses simple html. No Javascript, grids, or fancy formats. It can be read in a terminal text browser like Lynx, or a simple browser graphical browser like Dillo, or a state of the art browser like Firefox.

The only extras are the use of some css styling for browsers that can use it, and UTF-8 character encoding rather than ASCII. Behind the scenes there's some simple PHP for article listings and search, and a couple of simple bash scripts to create new articles and upload them. I'm hoping this arrangement will be pretty future resistant.

As it stands today, all full bloat web browsers are based on Google's Chromium, with just Firefox standing alone. A Google only web is on the horizon. Let them have it. Instead let's go back to enjoying a fast, pertinent, content-rich space where you are not a product to be made money out of.

A minimalist blog by Philip Wittamore