Bitwarden RBW blues


Unfortunately the CLI app for Bitwarden is clunky and difficult to use as it is stateless. A kind soul wrote an unofficial CLI app called RBW that uses a daemon, but it stopped working a couple of weeks ago. Issues are pending but no reaction from the author so far.

The official Bitwarden CLI app is still working though.

My current solution is to use password-store on the CLI and Bitwarden in Firefox and Android.

There's a dirty hack called "B" here:, but it has the master password in clear in the script.

I'm wondering if it's possible to script a bridge between the two, but it's looking like I need to use password-store for CLI apps, and Bitwarden for the rest.


RBW has been fixed. The .eu bitwarden domains have been integrated. Tested in rbw-1.9.0-1 arch package

Check for usage info.


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