Philip Wittamore

Searching NAS drives in Ubuntu

This is the equivalent of "map drive X" on Windows
with a desktop link to that drive :

make a mount point


add a line to the end of fstab that explains where your NAS is to be mounted:

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

add this line at the bottom

//IPADDRESSOFNAS/SHAREDFOLDERNAME /media/USER/SHAREDFOLDERNAME cifs sec=ntlm,user,uid=1000,rw,suid,credentials=/etc/nascredentials 0 0

save, then add your nas login and password to nascredentials

sudo gedit /etc/nascredentials


save, and type

sudo mount -a

this will mount everything in fstab and as the mounted drive is in /media/USER, you automatically get an icon on the desktop
search database
you need to allow a search in a mounted drives:

sudo gedit /etc/updatedb.conf

remove "/media" and "cifs" from the lines there, and save.

create a preliminary search database:

sudo updatedb

then you can search - open the xubuntu file manager, go to the mounted drive, and click file - search this folder

And Bob's your auntie...

command line search:
$ locate loops01.exe